DOWNLOADS: Ricardo Recio Cardona And Antonio Gonzales Sanchez – German Army Uniforms, Heer 1933-1945…! #706 (PDF)


Ποιά Είναι Η Προέλευση Της Γερμανικής Νεκροκεφαλής; ~ What Is The Origin Of The German Totenkopf..? (Videos + Photos)


Totenkopf (i.e. skull, literally dead’s head) is the German word for the skull and crossbones and death’s head symbols. The Totenkopf symbol is an old international symbol for death, the defiance of death, danger, or the dead, as well as piracy. It consists usually of the human skull with or without the mandible and often includes two crossed long-bones (femurs), most often depicted with the crossbones being behind some part of the skull.

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Η Τελευταία Παρέλαση Των Τιμημένων ~ The Last March Of The Honorable…! (Video)

Η Τιμή Μου Ήταν Πίστη – ♫ Westerwald Lied ♫ ~ My Honor Was Loyalty – ♫ Westerwald Lied…! ♫ (Video)

Άρια Αισθητική – Aryan Aesthetics #254 (Photo)

Ottomar Anton_a8

Έργο του Ottomar Anton

Πολυφυλετική Βέρμαχτ Και Μάχιμα SS ~ Multiracial Wehrmacht And Waffen SS…! (Video)

Μη-Ευρωπαίοι Εθελοντές Στο Γερμανικό Στρατό Κατά Τη Διάρκεια Του Δευτέρου Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου ~ Non European Volunteers In The German Army During World War II…! (Video)

Δικαιοσύνη Για Αλήθεια ~ Justice For Truth…! (Video)

Η Αφύπνιση Του Λιονταριού ~ The Awakening Of The Lion ~ Das Erwachen Des Löwen…! (Video)

Ο Αδόλφος Χίτλερ Δεν Ήταν Ρατσιστής ~ Adolf Hitler Was Not A Racist ~ Adolf Hitler War Nicht Ein Rassist…! (Video)

Αποσπάσματα Συνεντεύξεων Του Ότο Σκορτσένυ ~ Extracts From Otto Skorzeny Interviews…! (Video)

This is a very rare 4 parts of 4 different Interviews with the famous National Socialist Commandos, Otto Skorzeny. In one of it he admits that he was proposed by USA and Cuba to work for them.

Ένα Αφιέρωμα Στα Μάχιμα SS ~ A Tribute To The Waffen ϟϟ…! (Video)

Νυρεμβέργη: Στην Εθνικοσοσιαλιστική Σκέψη ~ Nuremberg: In The National Socialist Mind…! (Photo)


The National-Socialist Congress had become an annual session of a giant parliament composed of a million and a half representatives of the people, coming from the most varied regions. Politically, it was the most “colossal” (as the Germans say) expression of democracy that had ever been organized anywhere in the world. Such an event had never before been seen, and nothing like it would ever afterwards be seen again. The Nuremberg Congress was a unique phenomenon in the political history of Europe.

— Waffen SS Gen. Leon Degrelle

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