Ρουμανία: Εικόνα Της Αγίας Παρασκευής Κλαίει…! (Video + Photos)

Εικόνα της Αγίας Παρασκευής άρχισε να κλαίει στην Εκκλησία Fair, που βρίσκεται στο ιστορικό κέντρο του Ταργκοβίστε.

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Ο Απάνθρωπος Κομμουνισμός Και Ο Εβραϊκός Ρόλος Στον Μπολσεβικισμό ~ The Inhuman Communism And The Jewish Role In Bolshevism…! (Video)

We’re relentlessly told that we must “never forget” the “Six Million” victims of Hitler and the Nazis. But we hear far less about the vastly greater number of victims of Lenin and Stalin, and the grim legacy of Soviet Communism. Some 20 million people perished as victims of the Soviet regime, historians acknowledge. Jews played a decisive role in founding and promoting the egalitarian-universalist ideology of Marxism, in developing the Marxist political movement, and in brutally establishing Bolshevik rule in Russia. With the notable exception of Lenin, who was one-quarter Jewish, most of the leading Marxists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews, including Trotsky, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Radek. The Bolshevik killing of Russia’s imperial family is symbolic of the tragic fate of Russia and, indeed, of the entire West.

Απλοί Ρουμάνοι Χωρικοί Μας Δίνουν Μάθημα Ορθόδοξης Ομολογίας…! (Video + Photo)

Αγιορείτες Πατέρες

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Αθανάσιος Χριστόπουλος: Σύγκρισις Πολιτευμάτων…! (Video + Photo)

Ζητούν οι πολιτικοί, τι Πολίτευμα είναι καλίτερον. Τάχα η Μονοκρατία; Ή η Πολιτοκρατία; Ή η Κοιρανοκρατία; Και οι μεν προκρίνουν το ένα, οι δε το άλλο, προβάλλοντας όλοι τους λόγους των.

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DOWNLOADS: Κώστας Γκριτζώνας – Μετά Τον Γράμμο Δεν Ήταν Μόνο Η Προσφυγιά…! #795 (PDF)

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DOWNLOADS: Βρετανική Αυτοκρατορία, Γαλλία, Ιταλία, Ιαπωνία, Ελλάς, Ρουμανία, Σερβο-Κροατο-Σλοβενικό Κράτος Και Τουρκία – Συνθήκη Της Λωζάνης 24/7/1923…! #768 (PDF)

Διαβάστε το εδώ: ΣΥΝΘΗΚΗ ΤΗΣ ΛΩΖΑΝΗΣ

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Εβραϊκός Μπολσεβικισμός – Η Ιστορία Που Δεν Σου Λένε Στο Σχολείο ~ Jewish Bolshevism – History They Don’t Teach You In School…! (Video)


Πρωτοπρεσβύτερος Θεόδωρος Ζήσης: “Η Αίρεση Του Οικουμενισμού, Είναι Ο Μεγαλύτερος Κίνδυνος Για Την Ορθόδοξη Πίστη” ~ Protopresbyter Professor Univ. Dr. Theodoros Zisis – Sinodul Din Creta A Fost Talharesc…! (Video)

Συνέντευξη του π. Θεοδώρου Ζήση τον Αύγουστο του 2016 στον π. Κυπριανὸ Στάϊκου που πρόσφατα καθαιρέθηκε από την Εκκλησία της Ρουμανίας για τον αντιοικουμενιστικό του αγώνα.

DOWNLOADS: Dumitru Bacu – The Anti-Humans, Student Re-Education In Romanian Prisons…! #670 (PDF)

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Ειδεχθή Εγκλήματα Κατά Των Γερμανών Όταν Έληξε Ο Δεύτερος Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος ~ Heinous Crimes Against Germans When WW2 Ended…! (Video + Photo)

The merciless revenge perpetrated on the entire German civilian population of Eastern Europe during the closing stages of the war, and for many months after, took the lives of over 2,100,000 ethnic German men, women and children. For generations these Germans had lived and toiled in areas that today are part of central and Eastern Europe. Around fifteen million of these Volksdeutsche were driven from their homes and ancestral lands in Poland, East Prussia, Silesia, Ukraine, Belarus and Serbia and forced back into the Allied occupied zones of Germany. This was the greatest forcible evacuation of people in European history. It is estimated that of the eight million Germans expelled from Poland around 1,600,000 died in the process. In Czechoslovakia, memories of the Lidice massacre inspired acts of revenge against German soldiers and civilians. Soldiers were disarmed, tied to stakes, doused with petrol and set alight. Wounded German soldiers in hospital were shot in their beds, others were hung up on lamposts in Wenzell Square and fires were lit beneath them so that they died the gruesome death of being roasted alive. These ethnic Germans lived in fear of the Russians but no one thought that the dreadful fate which awaited them would not even emanate from the Soviets at all but from their own neighbours, the Czechs!
Thousands of innocent German residents were murdered in their homes by the Czechs, others were forced into interment camps where they were beaten and maltreated before being expelled. Bishop Beranek of Prague declared: ‘If a Czech comes to me and confesses to having killed a German, I absolve him immediately’. The Americans, utterly blind to the political consequences of allowing the Soviets to liberate Czechoslovakia, halted at the Karlsbad-Pilsen-Budweis line. The Sudeten Germans now had no protection from the torrent of bestiality vented on them by the Czechs. In Brno, 25,000 German civilians were forced marched at gun-point to the Austrian border. There, the Austrian guards refused them entry, the Czech guards refused to re-admit them. Herded into an open field they died by the hundreds from hunger and cold before being rescued by the US 16th Tank Division on May 8th 1945. In the Russian occupied zones of Eastern Europe and in Germany, hundreds of thousands of civilian men and women, Poles, Czechs, Romanians and Germans, were transported to the Urals in the Soviet Union and used as slave labourers until released in the late 40s. Mostly ignored by the world’s press, the unimaginable suffering experienced by the expellees is largely unknown outside Germany, yet it was systematically carried out in a brutal fashion as official Allied policy in accordance with the decisions formulated at Yalta and Potsdam.

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DOWNLOADS: Corneliu Codreanu – For My Legionaries, The Iron Guard…! #543 (PDF)

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Κατάλογος Εβραίων Κομμουνιστών ~ List Of Communist Jews…! (Photos)



NOTE: Numerous Jews who joined the communist governments of the newly-formed Eastern Block in late 1940’s had their birth names changed at this time (as can be seen below) to help them “blend in” and to hide their identity. The book The Generation: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland,acknowledges the name change, among many other things.

Comprehensive list of Romanian Communist Jews (using legitimate sources and official documents) http://www.rbnpress.info/wp/lista-evreilor-comunisti-care-au-condus-romania-in-anii-celei-mai-crunte-dictaturi-si-represiuni/

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Εξεγερθείτε πριν είναι πολύ αργά…

  1. Γερμανία – Η αστυνομία εντόπισε δεκάδες τζιχαντιστές ανάμεσα στους λαθρομετανάστες που εισέβαλαν πρόσφατα στην χώρα.
  2. Ρουμανία – Ψηφίστηκε νόμος που παρέχει $2 εκατομμύρια δολάρια βοήθεια στους επιζήσαντες του ολοκαυτώματος Ρουμάνους Εβραίους που διαβιούν στο Ισραήλ.
  3. Η Ρουμανία εξουσιοδότησε διαδικασία fast track για τους αιτούντες επανορθώσεις Ολοκαυτώματος.
  4. Δανία – Οι μουσουλμάνοι λαθρομετανάστες πωλούν προστασία σε μπαρ.
  5. Οι Γερμανοί πολίτες, θέλουν όλοι οι “πρόσφυγες” εισβολείς να φύγουν από την χώρα.