Λευτεριά Στον Ιστορικό Αναθεωρητή Χορστ Μάλερ ~ Freedom To Historical Revisionist Horst Mahler…! (Videos + Photos)

Horst Mahler, now 81 years old, is a courageous man who has dared to tell the truth in occupied Germany. He has faced the full wrath of the system, which tolerates no questioning of the 6 million number, along with the other easily disproven and absurd tales of the Holocaust. He has also given the verboten salute, moving his arm in a way that is now an imprisonable offense (in “free” Germany) and he would even “Heil Hitler” on occasion. The audacity!

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Σίτσα Καραϊσκάκη ~ Sitsa Karaïskaki…! (Photo)

Sitsa Karaïskaki was one of the main propagandists in the 4th of August State. Born in 1902, in 1926 she went to Germany, where she studied Philosophy at the University of Munich, eventually gaining her doctorate. She was in Germany when Adolf Hitler was struggling to achieve power, and there she embraced National Socialist ideas.

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Ράινχαρντ Χάιντριχ ~ Reinhard Heydrich…! (Photo)

By Wilfried Heink

Even though Heydrich was a high ranking official in the Third Reich (1933-1945) and “one of the main architects of the Holocaust” (Wikipedia), relatively little is known about him. He was chief of the security police, the security service (SD), the secret state police (Gestapo), and president of Interpol, the international police force. He is mentioned as the founder of Dachau – the first concentration camp – of the EG (Einsatzgruppen – rapid deployment force) and as the chair of the Wannsee Conference. One would think libraries would be filled with books about him, not so. Sure, information about Heydrich as a cold blooded mass murderer void of any conscience is available, but very few made an effort to look closer. This is confirmed in the September 2011 edition of Der Spiegel (German news magazine), were we read in an article by Georg Bönisch titled “The First In-depth Look at a Nazi ‘God of Death’ “: “Still, until now, almost 70 years after Heydrich’s death, there has never been a serious biography of this cold-blooded architect of mass murder that met high scholarly standards. German historian Robert Gerwarth has stepped in to meet this need.” (http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/reinhard-heydrich-biography-the-first-in-depth-look-at-a-nazi-god-of-death-a-787747.html). The title of the book simply “Reinhard Heydrich: Biographie”(available now in English: “Hitler’s Hangman”), and of course the cold-blooded architect of mass murder part has to be included.

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Βουλγαρία: Πορεία Εκατοντάδων Προς Τιμή Του Εθνικοσοσιαλιστή Στρατηγού Του Δευτέρου Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου Χρίστο Λούκοφ ~ Bulgaria: Hundreds March To Jonour NS WWII General Hristo Lukov In Sofia…! (Video)

Hundreds of nationalists and National Socialists from around Europe marched through Sofia on Saturday to honour World War II General, Hristo Lukov, known for his National Socialist affiliations.

Η Μπρουνχίλντε Πόμσελ, Γραμματέας Του Δρ. Γιόζεφ Γκαίμπελς, Πέθανε Σε Ηλικία 106 Ετών ~ Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ Secretary, Brunhilde Pomsel, Dies Aged 106…! (Photos)


Brunhilde Pomsel, began working for Goebbels in 1942. After her boss died in the Führerbunker at the end of the war Pomsel disappeared into obscurity.

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DOWNLOADS: Johannes Stark – Adolf Hitlers Ziele Und Persönlichkeit…! #758 (PDF)


DOWNLOADS: August Kubizek – The Young Hitler I Knew…! #756 (PDF)

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“Ο Πατέρας Μου, Χάινριχ Χίμλερ, Δεν Ήταν Τέρας” ~ “My Father Heinrich Himmler Was Not A Monster”…! (Video + Photos)

Himmler with his daughter, 1938

Today is the 70th anniversary of the death of Heinrich Himmler, and both the Daily Mail and the Mirror have articles about the bravery and devotion of his daughter. Of course they refer to this bravery as evil and hatred and so on.

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Τζωρτζ Λίνκολν Ρόκγουελ – – Πανεπιστήμιο Της Καλιφόρνια, Λος Άντζελες, Ομιλία 1967 ~ George Lincoln Rockwell – University Of California, Los Angeles, Speech 1967…! (Video)


Κάτοχοι Σταυρού Των Ιπποτών Του Σιδηρού Σταυρού, Είχαν Μυστυκή Συνάντηση Στη Γερμανία ~ WWII Knight’s Cross Holders Hold Secret Meeting In Germany…! (Photos)

Last month, there was a meeting in Germany featuring three of the country’s last 20 living Knight’s Cross Holders (7,300 received the award during the Second World War).

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Ένα Αφιέρωμα Στον Σερ Όσβαλντ Μόσλεϊ ~ A Tribute To Sir Oswald Mosley…! (Video)

RBN — Deanna Spingola Interviews Michael J. Murphy And Mark R. Elsis…! [Saturday, 10/24/2015] (Audios + PDF)


Deanna Spingola’s guest for the first hour is Michael J. Murphy.
Websites: Why in the World are They Spraying?, An Unconventional Shade Of Grey, Geoengineering Action Network, Organic Sulfer


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Deanna Spingola’s guest for the remaining two hours is Mark R. Elsis.
Websites: Lovearth Network, American Exceptionalism, Holocaust Revisionism, RudolfHess.net
Related: The Life and Death of My Father, Rudolf Hess


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Η Μυστική Εγκύκλιος (Αριθ. 2953) Του Εθνικοσοσιαλιστή Ιωάννη Καποδίστρια Κατά Της Μασονίας…! (Photo)


[H Εγκύκλιος αυτή υπογράφηκε απο τον Κυβερνήτη Ι. Καποδίστρια τον Ιούνιο του 1828 . Την χαρακτήρισε μυστική εγκύκλιο και περιγράφει τις καταστρεπτικές ενέργειες των Μυστικών Εταιρειών (δηλ. της Μασωνίας). Ορίζει και νομοθετεί οτι κανείς Δημόσιος υπάλληλος δεν μπορεί να είναι μέλος αυτών των εταιρειών αν θέλει να συνεχίσει να είναι υπάλληλος του κράτους.]

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