USA – New York Times Writes That Liberals Are Turning Against The First Amendment Because Free Speech Shouldn’t Apply To Conservatives…!

USA – New York Times Writes That Liberals Are Turning Against The First Amendment Because Free Speech Shouldn’t Apply To Conservatives…!


Έκφυλη Προπαγάνδα Υπέρ Της Ομοφυλοφιλικής Παιδοφιλία:ς: Chickenhawk – Άνδρες Που “Αγαπούν” Αγόρια ~ Degenerated Propaganda Of Homosexual Pedophilia: Chickenhawk – Men Who “Love” Boys…! [1984] (Videos)

Even from 1984 in the United States, the degenerated Cultural Marxism dominated in the Zionist mass media, where openly were propagandizing homosexuality and pedophilia as natural choice…!

Watch the second video in order to understand of what is going on nowdays with this sick and disgusting propaganda.

Γιατί Το Βατικανό Συναντάται Κρυφά Με Την Λέσχη Μπίλντερμπεργκ; ~ Why Is The Vatican Meeting Secretly With The Bilderberg Group…? (Video + Photo)

Vatican expert Leo Zagami joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to reveal why the Vatican is secretly meeting with the notorious Bilderberg Group during their annual conference in Turin, Italy.

Καναδάς: “Συνοριακός Πόλεμος” – Δέχθηκε Επίθεση Από Καθάρματα Της Αντίφα ~ Canada: “Border War” – Attacked By Antifa Thugs…! (Video)

Prime Minister Trudeau’s reckless border policy has led to more than a fake refugee crisis, now civil war is breaking out between citizens on both sides of the debate. Here’s the truth about what happened at Lacolle, Quebec and the attack against me at the hands of George Soros’ Antifa.

Αγγλία: Η Δίκη Του Τζεζ Τέρνερ ~ England: The Trial Of Jez Turner…! (Video + Photo)

On Monday 14th May, 2018, at Southwark Crown Court, London, Jeremy Bedford-Turner was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, six to be in custody, the rest to be served under licence. Better known as Jez Turner, Chairman and organiser of The London Forum, he was convicted of ‘Incitement to Racial Hatred’ under Britain’s increasingly contentious race hate laws.

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By 2040 Or Sooner They Will Be Too Stupid To Stop Us; Idiocracy Is The Self Inflicted Mortal Wound Of Liberal Democracy…! (Video)

Liberal democracy is ending with a collective whimper.

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Αγγλία: Ο Φιλελεύθερος Σκοπός Για Την “Ρητορική Μίσους” ~ England: The Liberal Objective For “Speech Crime”…! (Video)

Μέχρι Και Ο Εβραιοσιωνιστής Ραββίνος Μορδεχάι Φριζής Ξεφτιλίζει Τον Εθνοπροδότη Γιάννη Μπουτάρη…! (Video)

Αν και ιδεολογικά είμαστε εκ διαμέτρου αντίθετοι με τον ταλμουδιστή Ραββίνο Μορδεχάι Φριζή, οφείλουμε να παραδεχθούμε ότι σε όσα λέει στο κατωτέρω βίντεο έχει απόλυτο δίκιο…

Καναδός Ναύαρχος Γουίλιαμ Γκάι Καρ: Οι Υπέρ Της Παγκοσμιοποίησης Αρχηγοί Είναι Σατανιστές ~ Canadian Admiral William Guy Carr: Globalists Leaders Are Satanists…! (Video + Photos)

William Carr is the main person behind the very widely quoted “Illuminati Plan of 3 world wars” and 3 revolutions to establish their one world state and government. But what is his foundation for that “letter”?

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Μοναχός Επιφάνιος Καψαλιώτης: Η Γέννηση, Νόημα Και Εξέλιξη Του Οικουμενισμού…! [Ημερίδα, Σάββατο 12 Μαΐου 2018] (Video)

Νότιος Αφρική, Ένα Αντίστροφο Χειρότερο Απαρτχάιντ; – South Africa, A Reverse Worst Apartheid…? [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video)

The Boer Project can proudly present the documentary that tells the story of the Boer population in South Africa.

Η Διαγραφείσα Συνέντευξη Που Ο Τζωρτζ Σόρος Προσπάθησε Να Διαγράψει ~ The Deleted Interview That George Soros Tried To Ban…! (Video)

Μηχανικοί Του Σιωνιστικού Twitter “Απαγορεύουν Μία Οδό Ομιλίας” Μέσω “Σκιώδους Απαγόρευσης” ~ Engineers Of Zionist Twitter “Ban A Way Of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning”…! (Videos + Photo)

Publicly or secretly banning people, in this case on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. is a common practice and one of the first signs of a very settled Communist regime. What can anyone expect when this parasitic society continues to allow these criminals advance their agenda? Can we do anything at this point? We doubt it. Our own White House is filled with Mossad and KGB agents and so are most of the governments around the world. Either you do and say what ‘they’ want or you go nowhere! Why would Alex Jones want to speak out against this, when he himself is an agent of those he is accusing of wrong doing? The level of hypocrisy the world is immersed in is unreal. Psychological Warfare is the name of the game. It is ‘silent’ terrorism and can clearly claim to be one of the many victims of this “Shadow Banning” which is described in the video below. Remember, the tribe always works ‘behind the scenes’.