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“Η Βόμβα Του Ισραήλ: Ένα Ραδιενεργό Ταμπού” – Το Απαγορευμένο Ντοκυμαντέρ Στο Ισραήλ~ “Israel’s Bomb: A Radioactive Taboo” – The Banned Documentary In Israel…! (Video)

♫ Goyim Goddess – White Forces “White Horses” Rework…! ♫ [Lyrics] (Video)

Fault of the Jew
Few dreams for children
We must start a new
Fearless army
Rise up and fight
They will all scatter
Against German Might
White forces
We’ll make one last stand
White forces
Defend the Fatherland
We watched them suffer
Die in the snow
Sold out by traitors
We’ll make a new vow
No more retreating
Form a new line
Slay all ther armies
Stand glorious for all time
White forces
We’ll make a final stand
White forces
Defend the Fatherland
The warming sun
New Gods will arise
Blood spilled on soil
Given for Aryan life
We watched them suffer
But end jewish lies
Now children have laughter
In their blue eyes
White forces
The bringers of light
White forces
Sleep easy Third and Fourth Reich

Γερμανία: Ευρωπαϊκή Εθνικοσοσιαλιστική Πορεία Προς Τιμή Του Ρούντολφ Ες Από Το Βερολίνο Στο Σπαντάου Και Ένταση Με Μισθοφόρους Αντιδιαδηλωτές Της Αντίφα ~ Germany: European National Socialist March In Honor Of Rudolf Hess From Berlin To Spandau And Tension With Mercenaries Counter-Protesters Of Antifa…! (Video + Photo)

European National Socialists marching in Berlin-Spandau to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Hitler’s former deputy Rudolf Hess were met over with over 2,000 counter-protesters, Saturday, leading to confrontations that descended into sporadic fist fights between the two groups.

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Η Άνγκελα Μέρκελ, Αποδοκιμάστηκε Και Στην Χαϊλμπρόν ~ Angela Merkel Booed And In Heilbronn…! [16/08/2017] (Video)

Γιουχάρισαν Και Απεκάλεσαν ‘Προδότρια’ Την Μέρκελ, Επειδή Επέτρεψε Στους Μουσουλμάνους Λαθρομετανάστες Να Εισβάλουν Στην Γερμανία ~ Angela Merkel Booed And Called ‘Traitor’, Because She Allowed The Muslims Immigrants To Invade Into Germany…! (Video + Photo)

ANNABERG-BUCHHOLZ, Germany (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel was greeted with shouts of “traitor” by a rowdy group of right-wing protesters in east Germany on Thursday as she defended her decision to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country.
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Γερμανία: Αρκετοί Πολίτες Συνελήφθησαν Απλά Γιατί Ήταν Ενάντιοι Στην Μέρκελ ~ Germany: Several Citizens Arrested Just Because They Were Opposed To Merkel ~ Deutschland: Mehrere Bürger verhaftet Nur Weil Sie Gegen Merkel…! (Video)

[20/3/1945] Η Τελευταία Συνέντευξη Του Μπενίτο Μουσολίνι ~ Last Interview Of Benitto Mussolini ~ L’ultima Intervista A Benitto Mussolini…! (Video)

DOWNLOADS: NSDAP – Nationalpolitische Aufklaerungsschriften Heft 16, Juden Machen Weltpolitik…! #1.008 (PDF)


[1939] Γερμανία: 46η Επέτειος Γενεθλίων Του Χέρμαν Γκαίρινγκ ~ Germany: Hermann Goering’s 46th Birthday Anniversary…! (Video)

Υπαρχηγός Ρούντολφ Ες – Ένας Θαρραλέος Ήρωας Για Την Ειρήνη ~ Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess – A Courageous Hero For Peace…! (Photos)

By Mark R. Elsis
[August 17, 2012}

My coming to England in this way is, as I realize, so unusual that nobody will easily understand it. I was confronted by a very hard decision. I do not think I could have arrived at my final choice unless I had continually kept before my eyes the vision of an endless line of children’s coffins with weeping mothers behind them, both English and German, and another line of coffins of mothers with mourning children.”

~ Rudolf Hess (June 10, 1941)

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