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DOWNLOADS: Δημήτριος Γ. Κουσουλάς – Επιβουλή Και Αποτυχία, Η Ιστορία Του ΚΚΕ 1918-1949…! #824 (PDF)

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DOWNLOADS: Alfred Rosenberg – Blut Und Ehre, Ein Kampf Für Deutsche Wiedergeburt, Reden Und Aufsätze 1919-1933…! #815 (PDF)

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Σμύρνη, 31 Αυγούστου 1922: Το Χαμένο Βίντεο Της Καταστροφής ~ Smyrna, 31 August 1922: The Lost Video Of The Catastrophe…! (Video)

1922: Η Μικρασιατική Καταστροφή…! [Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Videos)

Λουίτζι Βιλάρι: Η Πορεία Στην Ρώμη — Luigi Villari: The March On Rome…! (Photo)




By Luigi Villari

[Excerpted from Luigi Villari, The Awakening of Italy: The Fascista Regeneration (London, 1924), pp. 171-188]

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Η Βίαιη Απέλαση Των Εθνικά Γερμανών – The Violent Expulsion Of Ethnic Germans

The Violent Expulsion Of Ethnic Germans


In 1914, 2, 416, 290 German civilians were living in Russia. When World War I began, a wave of hostility began, especially after the Laws of Liquidation passed in 1915. After the Bolshevik Revolution of October 25, 1917, the ethnic Germans of the former czarist empire were subjected to an organized campaign of terror: rape, drownings, torture, burning, mutilations, mass shootings and extermination.

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Περί Σιωνισμού – Οι Σιωνιστές, Ο Διεθνής Κομμουνισμός Και Το ΚΚΕ…! #8 (Photo)


Σιωνισμός και Διεθνής Κομμουνισμός


DER KAMERAD: Θα πρέπει να ξεκαθαρίσουμε εξαρχής, ότι ουδένα αρνητικό συναίσθημα τρέφουμε προς τους Εβραίους – απλώς, παραθέτουμε ιστορικά γεγονότα.

Ήμασταν οι πρώτοι που φωνάξαμε ανάμεσα στις μάζες των ανθρώπων τις λέξεις ‘Ελευθερία, Ισότητα, Αδερφότητα’. Αυτές οι λέξεις έφεραν στις τάξεις μας, χάρη στους πράκτορες μας, ολόκληρες λεγεώνες που κρατούσαν τα πανό μας με ενθουσιασμό! Ο κόσμος συνήθιζε να αντιμετωπίζει τους βασιλιάδες στους θρόνους τους σαν μια πλήρη εκδήλωση της θέλησης του Θεού, εώς ότου εμείς διεισδύσαμε στο μυαλό τους την ιδέα των ΔΙΚΩΝ ΤΟΥΣ δικαιωμάτων. Επίσης, τους κλέψαμε τη πίστη τους στο Θεό.” ‘Πρωτόκολλα 1 και 5.

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Ο Αδόλφος Χίτλερ Ήταν Χριστιανός Και Μαχητής Ενάντια Στην “Εβραϊκή Επιρροή” – Adolf Hitler Was Christian And Fighter Against “Jewish Influence”…! (Audio + Photo)

AH_imageThe following are the words of Adolf Hitler (English translation) from a 1922 speech regarding the influence of Jewish High-Finance in post-WWI Germany and how he, as a Christian, felt it was his moral duty to expose and oppose this force (along with Marxist-Communism and unbridled free market Capitalism) which he obviously believed had brought about the financial, economic, and industrial collapse of Weimar Germany, and had created political and social chaos and despair, as well as, moral and cultural decay in Germany. He believed it was essential to re-instill traditional German Christian values and morals into the society in order to begin correct the problems, as he saw them. He re-affirmed this consistently, from his early days of political activism through to, and including, his years as the Chancellor, in peace-time and in the war years. Whether or not the reader agrees with his beliefs or his analysis, is irrelevant. It was his own analysis of the problems facing his nation, his firm conviction, and obviously was shared by the majority of Germans who elected his party to power. The following excerpts demonstrate how strongly Adolf Hitler felt about the matter, his firm faith in Christ, his moral stance, and the courage of his convictions to act, based upon his faith, from which he was unwavering to the end. When he came to power in 1933, he reaffirmed this in the Proclamation to the German People, a segment of which is also included. Thus, it is not a theory, but a matter of historical record:

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