[Flashback] Ερνστ Ζούντελ – Γερμανία, Εγέρθητι ~ Ernst Zündel – Off Your Knees, Germany…! (Video + Photo)


Ολόκληρη Η Ημερίδα Με Θέμα: “Κατάργηση Των Μετρητών – Τέλος Της Ελευθερίας. Οδεύοντας Προς Τον ὁλοκληρωτισμό.” [24/6/2017] (Video)

Ἡμερίδα μέ θέμα: «Κατάργηση τῶν μετρητῶν – τέλος τῆς ἐλευθερίας. Ὁδεύοντας πρός τόν ὁλοκληρωτισμό.» [Στάδιο Εἰρήνης καί Φιλίας, 24 Ἰουνίου 2017, 5μ.μ.]

Ο Γερμανός Εθνικοσοσιαλιστής Χορστ Μάλερ, Συνελήφθη Στην Ουγγαρία – Horst Mahler, German National Socialist, Is Arrested In Hungary…! (Photo)

In a sad turn of events Horst Mahler who was seeking asylum in Hungary has been arrested. Regional daily Mitteldeutsche Zeitung cited an open letter Mahler published on May 12 requesting asylum from Hungary and its president, Viktor Orban.

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Ο Τζωρτζ Λίνκολν Ρόκγουελ, Περιγράφει Τις Τεχνικές Που Χρησιμοποιούν Οι Σιωνιστές Για Να Καταλάβουν Την Εξουσία Και Να Εγκαθιδρύσουν Κομμουνιστική Δικτατορία ~ George Lincoln Rockwell, Describes The Techniques Used By Zionists To Seize Power And Establish Communist Dictatorship…! [1966] (Video)

George Lincoln Rockwell 1966, Brown University speech.

RBN — Deanna Spingola Interviews Dr. Jim Penman…! [Friday, 10/30/2015] (Audio)

Deanna Spingola’s guest is Dr. Jim Penman from Melbourne, Australia. In 2007, he created a scientific research program which has done valuable work in the field of animal behavior, biochemistry and epigenetics. He is also the author of Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West.


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Δεν Θα Γίνεις Ποτέ Κινέζος ~ You Will Never Be Chinese…! (Video)

Τζωρτζ Λίνκολν Ρόκγουελ – – Πανεπιστήμιο Της Καλιφόρνια, Λος Άντζελες, Ομιλία 1967 ~ George Lincoln Rockwell – University Of California, Los Angeles, Speech 1967…! (Video)


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Πως Και Γιατί Η Σουηδία Έγινε Πολυπολιτισμική ~ How And Why Sweden Became Multicultural…! (Videos + Photos)


No one can deny that multiculturalism and mass immigration are a reality in Sweden today. However, it hasn’t always been so. As late as 1965, the social democratic Prime Minister of Sweden Tage Erlander said: “We Swedes live in an infinitely luckier situation. Our country’s population is homogeneous, not only in terms of race, but also in many other respects.” The demographic transformation of Sweden did not just happen to happen. It was a direct result of political decisions, which in turn could be undertaken because of some actor’s conscious agenda and very active advocacy in the 1960s and 1970s. Earlier, Sweden had an approach towards immigrants and ethnic minorities that was based either on expulsion or assimilation. Immigrants who were ethnically and culturally closely related would assimilate while non-European immigrants, Gypsies and Sami would be excluded from the community. Now, however, suddenly a new approach prevailed: Sweden would become a pluralistic multicultural society and the multicultural paradigm would become the overall goal of Swedish culture, politics and society.

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Ο Αιώνιος Εχθρός Του Ανθρωπίνου Είδους ~ The Eternal Enemy Of Mankind… (Video)


Το Κτήνος Ως “Άγιος”: Η Αλήθεια Για Τον Μάρτιν Λούθερ Κινγκ Τζούνιορ ~ The Beast As “Saint”: The Truth About Martin Luther King Junior…! (Video + Photo)


Learn the untold story of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Τσαρλς Ε. Σμιθ: Η Απάτη Του Κινήματος Πολιτικών Δικαιωμάτων ~ Charles E Smith: The Fraud Of Civil Rights Movement…! (Video)