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Σοκαριστικές Αποκαλύψεις Από Γνώστη Εκ Των Ένδον: Ο Πρώην Ιλλουμινάτι Τραπεζίτης Ρόναλντ Μπέρναρντ Εκστομεί Την Αλήθεια ~ Socking Revelations From An Insider: Ex-Illuminati Banker Ronald Bernard Speaks Out The Truth…! [Dutch With Subtitles In English, Finnish, French And Spanish] (Videos)

Ο Γνωστός Ολλανδός Τραπεζίτης Ρόναλντ Μπέρναρντ Που Αποκάλυψε Τις Σοκαριστικές Σατανικές Τελετές Των Ιλλουμινάτι, Τις Ανθρωποθυσίες, Τις Απάνθρωπες Σεξουαλικές Κακοποιήσεις Και Θυσίες Παιδιών Και Νηπίων, Βρέθηκε Δολοφονημένος…! [Ελληνικοί Υπότιτλοι] (Videos + Photos)

Ο Ρόναλντ Μπέρναρντ, ο Ολλανδός τραπεζίτης που αποκάλυψε τις τρομερές σατανικές τελετές των illuminati σε μια σειρά τηλεοπτικών συνεντεύξεων, βρέθηκε νεκρός στη Φλόριντα.

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Γενόμενος Εθνικοσοσιαλιστής Πολεμιστής – Ολλανδικά Μάχιμα SS ~ Becoming National Socialist Warrior – Dutch Waffen ϟϟ…! (Video)

Ολλανδία: Τούρκοι Μετανάστες Βιντεοσκοπούν Τους Εαυτούς Τους Να Κτυπούν Ποδηλάτη, Να Χορεύουν Επάνω Σε Αστυνομικά Οχήματα Και Να Εκφοβίζουν Αστυνομικούς ~ Holland: Turkish Migrants Film Themselves Beating Up A Cyclist, Dancing On Police Cars And Intimidating Police Officers…! (Video)

Pic shows: man on bike was hit by the group; A group of young migrants have been terrorising a city neighbourhood and even taping some of their crimes on video, bragging about their behaviour and yet nothing has been done to punish them. The group of youngsters from the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands came to the attention of local media last week after repeated alleged incidents involving the intimidation of citizens, police officers, and even one incident captured on camera that involved them beating up a passer-by on a bicycle. Videos of the youngsters dancing on a police car have even appeared online, without them being apprehended for it. When the group of mostly Turkish migrants was invited to a primetime talk show, a nationwide debate was triggered as to how it was possible that such a group could continue to terrorise a town without any of the authorities tackling the issue. Ismail Ilgun presented himself as the spokesman of the group of youngsters on national television. His friends were seated behind him, refusing to take off their sunglasses. They blamed the national media for stigmatising them and told the TV programme they only hung around the streets because the city council did not give them a youth centre. Cinderella Meijer, who works at a youth centre, explained that the group was already booted out after damaging and stealing from it. She said: "This has already been playing out for ten years. They get everything from the city council, everything is done. But each time they destroy the property and steal. They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside." Even Dutch PM Mark Rutte, 49, felt the need to respond to the local crisis in Zaandam. He said: "They are the scum of the earth. The police and local authorities are right on it. "They should just buzz off," he added. Yet local politicians did not seem to have taken note of the Dutch Prime MinisterÌs words. On Monday, one of the few critical members of the city council of Zaandam, Juliette Rot, was allegedly threatened by the migrant group in front of her house. She said: "They jumped out of a car and started to tape and intimidate me. Ilgun blamed me, saying I was stigmatising them. He stood right in front of me in a very threatening way. From the car they shouted something like Îwe know where to find youÌ." Rot has been raising the issue for months, and as a result is the frequent target of abuse from the group. She said her house had been bombarded with eggs and at times they were waiting for her on the pavement in front of her house. Rot said: "After the last incident I still did not hear anything from the mayor." Some of RotÌs colleagues even seemed to take the side of the migrant group. Local Socialist Party leader Patrick Zoomermeijer even said the youngsters were "unpolished diamonds". In his latest video, Ismail Ilgun said: "Who the f**k are all you racists? I am an Erdogan warrior, a Turk who will remain in the Netherlands and who will earn a lot of money by making videos without working for it."

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Άρια Αισθητική – Aryan Aesthetics #247 (Photos)

NIOD01_AE0739, 01-05-2002, 10:37, 8C, 4774x6784 (458+578), 100%, niod poster fo, 1/100 s, R45.2, G30.1, B42.1

NIOD01_AE0741, 01-05-2002, 10:42, 8C, 4774x6784 (398+686), 100%, niod poster fo, 1/100 s, R45.2, G30.1, B42.1

Έργο του Louis Emile Manche

Άρια Αισθητική – Aryan Aesthetics #213 (Photo)

NIOD01_AE0695, 24-04-2002, 12:00, 8C, 5121x6737 (195+1071), 100%, niod poster, 1/120 s, R42.5, G27.1, B39.0

Έργο του Cornelis Koekkoek

Άρια Αισθητική – Aryan Aesthetics #180 (Photo)

NIOD01_AE0404, 25-04-2002, 07:53, 8C, 4954x6713 (1+867), 100%, niod poster, 1/120 s, R39.5, G24.6, B35.5

Έργο του Louis Emile Manche

Αθάνατα Σύμβολα ~ Immortal Symbols ~ Eeuwig Leevende Tekens…! [1941 – English Subtitles] (Video)

Dutch film “Eeuwig Leevende Tekens” by Hamer – “Volksche Werkgemeenschap” (Folkish Study Group) – ancestral heritage, solar wheel, sun cross, tree of life, etc.