Das Wunder Vom Hürtgenwald – Günter Stüttgen…! [Documentary] (Video)


Δυσφορία Φύλου Και Το Σύγχρονο Δυτικό Κράτος ~ Gender Dysphoria And The Modern Western State…! (Video)

Η Ρωσία Αρχίζει Έρευνα Για Να Διαπιστωθεί Εάν Ο Τελευταίος Τσάρος Νικόλαος Β΄ Δολοφονήθηκε Με Την Οικογένειά Του Ως Μέρος Μιας Σατανικής “Εβραϊκής Τελετουργικής Δολοφονίας” ~ Russia Launches Investigation Into Whether The Last Tsar Nicholas II Was Murdered With His Family As Part Of A Satanic “Jewish Ritual Murder”…! (Photo)

Romanov treasures

Russia is launching an investigation into whether Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed by Jews as part of a ‘ritual murder’ in a move that has infuriated anti-Semitism campaigners.

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“Το Λόμπυ” Βρετανικού Στυλ ~ “The Lobby” British Style…! (Photo)

One month ago, I initiated here at Unz.com a discussion of the role of American Jews in the crafting of United States foreign policy. I observed that a politically powerful and well-funded cabal consisting of both Jewish individuals and organizations has been effective at engaging the U.S. in a series of wars in the Middle East and North Africa that benefit only Israel and are, in fact, damaging to actual American interests. This misdirection of policy has not taken place because of some misguided belief that Israeli and U.S. national security interests are identical, which is a canard that is frequently floated in the mainstream media. It is instead a deliberate program that studiously misrepresents facts-on-the ground relating to Israel and its neighbors and creates casus belli involving the United States even when no threat to American vital interests exists. It punishes critics by damaging both their careers and reputations while its cynical manipulation of the media and gross corruption of the national political process has already produced the disastrous war against Iraq, the destruction of Libya and the ongoing chaos in Syria. It now threatens to initiate a catastrophic war with Iran.

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[Flashback] Άνγκελα Μέρκελ: “Οι Γερμανοί Είναι Που Πρέπει Να Ενσωματωθούν” ~ Angela Merkel: “Its Germans Who Need To Integrate”…! (Video)

Angela Merkel gives a speech to a room full of trained seals that the problem with integration with her million muslims no one wanted, is the German people themselves. Not the muslims immigrants invaders.

Ο Αρχιψεύτης, Μνημονιακός Πολιτικός Απατεώνας Σταύρος Κοντονής Της Κατοχικής Κυβέρνησης ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, Υποστηρίζει Ότι Ο Κομμουνισμός Δεν Διέπραξε Εγκλήματα΄Στις Χώρες Της Βαλτικής…! (Videos + Photo)

Λονδίνο: Τελετή Απονομής Χρυσού Μεταλλίου Στην Κατερίνα Στεφανίδη ~ London: Gold Medal Award Ceremony To Katerina Stefanidi…! (Video)

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[Flashback] Παλαιστίνη: Μουσουλμανικοί Τάφοι Βανδαλίστηκαν Και Καταστράφηκαν Από Εβραίους Σιωνιστές Στην Ιερουσαλήμ ~ Palestine: Muslim Graves Vandalised And Destroyed By Zionists Jews In Jerusalem…! (Video)

Ότι Υπήρξε Κάποτε, Δύναται Να Επανέλθει ~ What Once Was, Can Come Back ~ Was Einmal War, Kann Wieder Kommen…! (Video)

Τα πάντα είναι πιθανά, αν κάποιος πιστεύει σε αυτό.

Everything is possible, if one believes in it.

Alles ist möglich, wenn man daran glaubt.

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Ραββίνος Επιβεβαιώσε Τον Αδόλφο Χίτλερ ~ Rabbi Confirmed Adolf Hitler ~ Rabbiner Bestätigt Adolf Hitler…! [Documentary] (Video)